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Global coverage

Locate your loved ones around the globe. WeTraq combines cellular radio, GPS, and wireless technology to provide global coverage with precise location.

WeTraq is the smallest Global WiFi Tracking Device on IoT that will allow you to monitor the location of your loved ones anytime and anywhere.


Helping hands

Wirelessly connect the device to several mobile phones. Never worry that you are the only one monitoring the location of your tracking device. WeTraq can be paired with the mobile phone of every person responsible for your loved one’s safety.

SOS Button

Receive SMS alerts on your WeTraq Mobile App when your loved ones need help and press the SOS button on the device.

What our users say

“Wandering can mean bolting off while in the care of a responsible person, or running out of a secured environment (home, school) while nobody is watching. While not all autistic people wander off, many do. What makes elopement even more dangerous is when the autistic person is non-verbal, with limited communications skills or when their safety awareness is extremely impaired. Tracking devices are designed to help protect people who cannot protect themselves; the vulnerable who do not have the language skills to communicate or when the cognitive understanding of safety and danger is significantly impaired.”

Linda Mastroianni, Speaking Autism Speaking Autism

“Being personally involved in the Dementia and Research Community as a Technology Caregiver Advisor with Alzheimer Societies, Age-Well and mentor/judge at health hackathons, I’ve had the opportunity to see numerous solutions and developments. WeTraq has introduced unique and innovative additions to locating devices such as WiFi tracking and it’s Credit Card form that I have not seen as of yet. I fully support the continued work they are creating to take locating devices to the next stage of development with better accuracy and a slimmer device.”

Ron Beleno, Age-Well Caregiver, Age-Well