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Features Designed for Freedom and Peace of Mind

Location Safety

Our insoles include built-in GPS tracking and global connectivity to ensure location safety, helping prevent wandering and providing peace of mind for family members and caregivers.

Wellness Monitoring

By analyzing mobility behavior, our insoles help monitor and encourage activity, crucial for physical health and independence.

Predictive Analytics

Our solution analyzes mobility patterns to alert caregivers of potential wandering, ensuring timely interventions for enhanced safety.

Statistics Highlighting the Need for Discreet, Effective Solutions

Wearable technologies are increasingly accepted among the elderly, with a significant preference for devices that integrate unobtrusively into daily life.

Canadians aged 65+ now outnumber those under 14.

96% of Canadians prefer aging at home, striving for independence and avoiding long-term care facilities.

6 in 10 people who live with dementia are at risk of getting lost.

Approximately 60% of older adults are open to using wearable devices if they are simple to operate and do not interfere with their social and personal life.

OUR Benefits

Real-Time Safety Alerts

The peace of mind you deserve is now at your feet.

Seamless Connection Everywhere

Our advanced connectivity ensures that no matter where you are, rural or urban, you remain within a safety net.

Charge Hassle-Free

Charge on the Go, experience the simplicity of wireless charging

AI-Powered Mobility Analytics

WeTraq is transforming the way we look at data and mobility.

Advanced Activity Monitoring Sensors

Stay one step ahead with our sophisticated sensors.

Fall Prevention Analysis

Proactively alerts for fall risks by analyzing your mobility patterns

Tailored Safety Paths

Step into a world of care custom-made for you.

How It Works

Our insoles integrate state-of-the-art location technologies to ensure that caregivers can maintain constant connectivity with the wearer. This multi-technology approach guarantees accurate and reliable location tracking in a variety of environments, enhancing the ability to swiftly locate missing individuals.

GPS  (Global Positioning System)

Provides precise geographical positioning, making it an invaluable tool for outdoor tracking where a clear line of sight to satellites can be maintained.


Offers close-range communication, ideal for indoor environments where GPS signals are less effective. This technology enables the insoles to connect with our mobile app, ensuring continuous monitoring.

LoRa (Long Range)

Extends the tracking capabilities to areas beyond the reach of conventional networks, with low power consumption and long-range wireless capabilities that are perfect for remote areas.

Advanced Sensor

Our insoles feature advanced sensors for precise location tracking and mobility pattern monitoring, such as step count, walking duration, and speed. This data offers insights into daily activities and health, aiding in early detection of potential health issues or wandering behaviors.


Our GeoPathing capability allows caregivers to create custom virtual paths, offering a tailored and realistic safety net beyond traditional geofencing. This precise monitoring ensures safer movements for older adults, enhancing caregiver peace of mind.

Enhanced Safety with Predictive Analytics

Our machine learning algorithms analyze mobility data to proactively detect potential health concerns. This tailored approach helps prevent falls and wandering, significantly enhancing user safety.

Next-Gen Charging mechanism

Wireless Charging

Our wireless charging feature offers unparalleled convenience for older adults, eliminating the need to alter daily routines. Simply placing their shoes on a charging mat ensures the device is powered up, seamlessly integrating essential technology into their lives without added hassle.

Self Charging

Our patent-pending self-charging technology enhances battery life, ensuring devices remain operational during emergencies. This continuous power supply is crucial for search and rescue operations, improving the likelihood of timely assistance and saving lives.

Why Choose Smart Care Insole?

The Smart Care Insole is more than just a safety device; it is a commitment to enhancing the quality of life for older adults. Our solution:

  • Is discreetly integrated into footwear, respecting the user's desire for privacy and normalcy.
  • Requires minimal interaction, perfect for those who wish for simplicity and efficiency without the complexity of traditional gadgets.
  • Features a self-charging capability, reducing the need for regular maintenance and ensuring the device is always ready to use.

Help Hub

Coverage Area

Smart Care Insole works globally in all areas using LTE cellular networks. Upon receiving your Smart Care Insole, it is essential to test its connectivity. Allow a testing period of one to two days before regular use.

Sizing Information

The Smart Care Insole is now offered in three trim-to-fit sizes suitable for both big kids and adults, with all sizes based on US measurements. This technology has not been developed for very young children or toddlers. Please note that the Smart Care Insole has a wide design, so you might need to consider shoes that are "wide" or a half size larger to accommodate the sole comfortably.

What activities might affect the life of my Smart Care Insole?

Smart Care Insole is not designed for high-impact activities and its durability can vary based on physical activity, walking patterns such as gait, and individual weight (performance may decrease for individuals over 250 lbs). Longevity could also be impacted by overcharging, improper handling, or cleaning. Be cautious not to overly bend the Smart Care InSole when inserting it into shoes.

Will Smart Care Insole work in your area?

Before using your Smart Care Insole, ensure it has satisfactory cellular connectivity, especially since buildings and terrain can affect signal strength. Initially, test the Smart Care Insole by carrying it in your hand, a bag, or a vehicle. Ensure it is fully charged and check that it reports correctly on the mobile app. Move through key areas where it will be used, monitoring that it consistently sends accurate location updates.

Is a Monitoring Service Plan required?

Yes, an active Service Plan subscription will be required for your device to connect to the monitoring app. You would be able to cancel your plan or change your service plan term any time.

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