Encourage safe and responsible driving habits

Drive Smart, Stay Safe: Empower your family with real-time driving alerts and insights, fostering responsible habits and informed conversations for safer journeys.


Individual Driver Reports

Get a detailed view of the driving habits for each member of your care circle. See things like over-speeding, phone usage while driving and more.


Trip History

Timeline of your family's past mobility behavior and trip history including stops you made along the way.


One-Tap Directions

Navigate directly to any member of your care circle— no address needed. This ensures quick turnaround in case of mission critical events.


Trip Summary

The motion sensors on your phone capture events every time a risk-inducing situation occurs. It’s the information you need to have a conversation about safe driving at just the right time.

Studies reveal that implementing apps with driving safety features can reduce phone usage while driving by up to 40%, significantly lowering the risk of accidents and promoting safer driving habits.

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