Location Safety

Navigate with Confidence: Ensuring Your Family's Safety Everywhere They Go

WeTraq’s mission is to improve the mental health and quality of life for family caregivers who are expected to simultaneously balance care for dependent children and aging parents with personal lives and employment expectations.


Private Circle

Communication is critical when dividing caregiving responsibilities. Coordinate care with other members of your private circle.


Location Sharing
& Smart Notifications

A private & secure way of sharing real-time view of each other’s whereabouts within your care circle. Allows you to configure the alerts from each individual member.


Check-ins & Help Alerts

Let loved ones know that you’ve arrived somewhere safely with remote Check-in from your app. Members can also send help alerts with their location in case of an emergency or should they find themselves in an unsafe environment.


Safe Zones & No-Go Areas

Provides an additional layer of security and peace of mind with the ability to add areas deemed to be ‘Safe Zones’ or ‘No-Go’ areas. Notifications and alerts sent when members within your circle enter or exit these zones


Low Battery Alert

Phone is often the only contact with the outside world for many seniors, hence, keeping it charged is of utmost importance. Members of the care circle receive an alert for low battery.

Over 80% of families report feeling more connected and coordinated when using location-sharing apps, as they can easily coordinate gatherings and ensure everyone's safety during daily activities and travel.

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